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Risk Reduction & Contract Closure

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Thanks to our extensive experience in crane operation and loading projects, we are able to advise on the definition of the project and its requirements. In addition, our team of experts can review the configuration of counterweights, the rental of auxiliary means, the proposed schedule, and ultimately assess the offers of the various suppliers of lifting equipment.

Engineering Adjustment and Review

We validate and agree with the technologists and/or project constructors the feasibility of each of our proposals.

Review of third-party lift plans

We review and validate lifting plans made by third parties, and propose improvements where necessary. Where variations are proposed, we demonstrate their feasibility through simulations.

Reduction of Civil Works

We provide already implemented and tested solutions that minimize and avoid civil works related to the assembly of jibs on uneven terrain.

We assess the minimum disassembly required of cranes including the telephone lines and electrical wiring, etc.


Preparation and review of technical specifications related to cranes, lifting elements.

Inland transport and assembly.

Support in drawing up contracts with suppliers of cranes and lifting systems.