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On-site Surveillance

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Your eyes on site, so that everything goes according to plan. 

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Our work doesn't stop with the pre-construction analysis and advice, Optimus Crane can help you make sure things go smoothly to maximize safety and reduce costs on site. 

We reduce dangerous situations

At Optimus we anticipate risks in crane operations, we ensure that lifting actions are carried out in a framework of good practice and safety, that the machines and their documentation are in good condition and we take care to detect and avoid irresponsible and/or reckless practices.

Reducing unjustified stoppages

We gain speed in the development of the work without losing safety, we analyze deviations, stoppages and causes, we propose improvement proposals and generate lessons learned to implement in future projects.

Thanks to our stop log we control:

  1. We determine the exact reason, such as lack of fuel, poor configuration, missing elements such as counterweights or any other technical reason.
  2. Weather-related stoppages, we validate that they are justified and that no fraudulent practices are being committed.
  3. Stoppages due to lack of coordination of people and means by the supplier.

Accident audit

In case of accidents, our supervisors will help to detect the root cause, to improve working conditions and to serve as a source of information in legal cases.

Daily communication, proposals for improvement and contingency plan

Our team will report daily to the park manager the incidents analyzed and, where appropriate, the proposals for improvement aimed at optimizing assembly and safety times in the different steps of the processes from the civil works, such as the handling of components and tooling.