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Market Study & Project Development

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Keeping a project viable: maximum security with optimized resources.

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At Optimus we maximize the safety of maneuvers, analyze whether any engineering solutions can reduce resources, and optimize crane cost items to reduce deviations that can damage the viability of projects. Our team of experts can review the configuration of counterweights, the rental of auxiliary means and the proposed schedule of suppliers.

Engineering analysis and realization of project layouts

We analyze the orography and implementation of each project in order to reduce costs related to earthworks, while maintaining the highest safety standards for all operations in construction processes.

Screenshot of orography app analysis and project layouts

Cranes, detailed technical specification

  1. We analyze the components to be handled and help you choose the best lifting systems for unloading, pre-assembly and main lifting tasks.
  2. We analyze and choose the most suitable cranes according to the maneuvers to be carried out.
  3. We calculate and optimize auxiliary equipment such as trucks and counterweights.
  4. We check the equipment required for assembly and installation, and its availability depending on the country or region.

Planning and execution of lift plans

We carry out all types of lift plans

  1. We carry out an analysis of the orography and layout of each project in order to choose the optimal assembly strategy.
  2. We review the planning of supply, delivery, unloading and assembly on site and propose alternative planning if possible, to minimize and reduce civil works time.
  3. We demonstrate the feasibility of all the maneuvers related to the handling and lifting of all the components applicable to the optimization of civil works, by simulating the maneuvers with the programs designed for this purpose (LYCONN, CRANIMAX).