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Engineering & Consultancy for Cost-Effective Clean Energy Infrastructures

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We are a team of engineers, consultants and crane operators with more than 15 years of experience in the clean energy sector. We offer high-level consultancy thanks to our combined experience in civil works optimization, crane performance and tools design, which allow us to approach any project with a 360º perspective to reach optimal global results. We work close to our clients to elaborate ad-hoc solutions tailored for each project.

Workers and cranes in the installation of a windmill's base


How can we help you


Market Study & Project Development
We optimize the cost of crane equipment and study the safety of crane maneuvers, acting as a link between the developer and the supplier of lifting systems. Know more
Risk Management & Contract Closure
We review the civil works items, the contracting of lifting systems and related third-party lift plans. We advise on the suitability and scope of contracts with the various suppliers Know more


On-site Validation
We go to the project site to validate that the civil works are being carried out correctly, to check the condition of the equipment and means received, and to verify that they really correspond to what was contracted. We carry out this validation in detail so that our client is aware in real time and with precision of what they receive, of any possible deviations and the impact they may have on the process. Know more
On-site Surveillance
Our staff will check the condition of the equipment for suitability, safety in crane maneuvers and avoid accidents and cost overruns due to bad practice. Know more


Industrial Design Ad-Hoc
We have a division specializing in the design and development of tools aimed at simplifying and increasing safety in lifting and moving loads with cranes. We can develop our own projects as well as advise external companies in specific phases. Know more


Industralisation & Optimisation in photovoltaic power plants
After the implementation of our services, our clients achieve a significant reduction in assembly time and operating costs by having an optimised process standard for the construction of their photovoltaic plants.Know more
Metal building structure with cranes on its side.
Metal building structure with cranes on its side.


Areas of Action

Renewable energies

Onshore & offshore.
Turbines, transformers, metal structures.
Panels, transformers, metal structures.

Industrial Sector

Metal structures
Of all sizes and weights.
Prefabricated structures
Handling of heavy loads


Unloading/loading of all types of components.
Large volumes
In tandem or with a single crane.
Improved safety and time related to quick coupling processes.

Civil engineering

Concrete or metal components
Bridges, footbridges, columns, beams, etc.
A crane elevating the top part of a windmills in a windmills field.

Discover how can we help you

Market Study & Project Development